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Do you want to improve the efficiency of your employees?

We will help the employee to develop concentration, pump different types of thinking, improve communication skills and ability to defend personal position and ideas.

Do you want to improve your team's productivity?

We will improve teamwork skills, help employees find a compromise during performing work tasks and show the most effective ways of team interaction.

Are you thinking about how to unify your team?

We will identify and correct the imbalance in the team, improve psychological climate in the company.




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We will make your team consolidated and capable of solving any tasks.


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of your employees


Boost personal and teamwork skills


Develop strategic, analytical and critical thinking


We elevate the level of communication


Improve the teamwork efficiency

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Offline Meeting


We conduct trainings in a location convenient for you: in your office or we help you find a suitable room.

A relaxed atmosphere maximizes engagement in process.

The perfect combination of game activity and team training.

Online Meeting


The technologies we use help to see the reactions of everyone participant in the training.

Requirements for each employee - only the presence of a stable internet connections.

Ideal for teams working remotely.


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what is

«Wild office» —
is game-based training program for the development of employees and teams in general.

The essence of the game is the rivalry between the two teams. Victory depends on the participants' skills of discussing ideas, proving their points of view and adhering to the general position of the team.

The goal of each participant is to lead the team to victory in the struggle for survival.


Training program

1. Getting to know the team


We define goals with a leader.

We conduct a survey of employees.

We discuss the desired results for each employee or for the team as a whole.

2. Training


The training takes place in an interactive game format.

It includes: theoretical and practical part (game), as well as discussion of the results with the participants on completion.

Conducted by a coach. Coach provides theoretical information, leads the gameplay, sums up the results together with participants and makes sure that everyone has the opportunity to express themselves as much as possible.

3. Feedback and adjustment


We analyze each game session to track the progress of each employee individually and teams in general.

The leader oversees the process of working with the team, takes part in the planning of trainings: sets goals, adjusting them if necessary.

We offer methods of pumping team skills for the next game sessions.


of training


in one group

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Fill out the form and we will contact you at a convenient time. Learn more about our offer, we will answer your questions.

Demo training is free

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of the training and assess its impact
on each employee, and the team as a whole.


  • Team Photo

    Wild Office is the solution to many business problems.

    The training is aimed at improving performance indicators. The company is a universal tool for improving team relationships and development awareness, proactivity, communication skills and teamwork.

    The idea of ​​creation was spontaneous and intuitive, but during the development of the training I came to the conclusion that it is genius. It's it like gym, only for useful skills boosting

    Dmitry Lykov, author of the training, businessman, coach, expert in the field of communicative impact

  • Team Photo

    Human being is a biological creature, but social environment and thinking processes make his life meaningful and complete.

    The most effective training method for both the team and each of its participants - is the interaction, during which certain skills and abilities are being developed in practice.

    "Wild Office " is created in a unique format that combines gameplay and training, which makes it possible to boost and develop both personal and team skills

    Angela Topchyi, co-author of the training methods and tools, project manager,training expert

  • Team Photo

    When I first heard about the idea of ​​creating such product - I thought it was an innovative method for business training.

    For many years I faced with the loss of motivation among my employees and with their unwillingness to be proactive in working processes. Communication problems led to ideas suppression and to the inability to persist in opinion.

    "Wild Office ”helps to improve the quality of communication between employees, thanks to which the team becomes cohesive and, as a result, effective

    Alexander Pogorelyi, author of the training as a business tool, businessman, expert in personnel management

  • Team Photo

    The value of each product is the result which is given to every client.

    Optimizing business processes and being a project manager, I tested many tools to improve tehcompany's efficiency, however, I realized that teamwork played crucial role in the company's functioning.

    It is the "Wild Office" that can bring benefit for any type of business. They are the evolution and cohesion of employees, because it is people who are essential resource for success, development and scaling

    Olga Malkut, project manager, expert in optimization of business processes and teamwork

  • Team Photo

    "Wild Office" is an excellent solution for a comfortable and productive interaction of the training participants.

    The gaming environment allows to show personal potential in a relaxed atmosphere, and thanks to participation of a psychologist hidden useful abilities of the employees can be revealed.

    The leader aslo provides general emotional relaxation to the team. As a result, the loyalty to the company is being increased among the employees, since the training is an intellectual and entertaining leisure

    Anna Burdeinaya, project coordinator, an expert in fundamental and applied psychology

  • Team Photo

    Studying corporate psychology, I came to the conclusion that team relationships are the foundation of the social and psychological climate in the company.

    The energy balance of personnel has a complex effect on the overall business productivity and efficiency.

    It is necessary to establish communication and synergy among employees, increase team cohesion, adjust imbalance in the team, because it is the staff that determines the factors of negative impact on psychological climate, and their timely identification and elimination significantly improve team interaction

    Oksana Atshibaeva, qualified psychologist, expert in corporate psychology

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